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OM2P 150 Mbps Access Point with External Antenna

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150 Mbps 802.11n mini cloud-managed access point with passive 12-24v (NON 802.3af) POE support, dual Ethernet ports and a single external antenna.


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The OM2P: Super simple WiFi.

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The OM2P 802.11n wireless access point is ideally suited for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere you need to share a connection. The OM2P excels in hotels, apartments, neighborhoods, coffee shops, shopping malls, campgrounds, and marinas.

The OM2P features 23dBm power (200 mW) at even the highest speeds (5-8 dBi higher than most business class access points). With an external antenna with standard RP-SMA connector, it provides the the flexibility to work with 3rd-party external antennas.

Note that since the antenna is external, it does not work with the ceiling or Ethernet wall jack enclosures. For indoor installations, also consider the OM2P-HS or OM5P-AC model.

Open Mesh OM2P access points are compatible with passive 12-24v PoE. (Note this is not 802.3af PoE compatible, so the OM2P cannot be powered with standard PoE switches.) Passive POE keeps costs low, reduces heat dissipation and allows for the most compact size possible. We sell a line of PoE injectors and power supplies to power these access points.

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Downloads: OM Series Datasheet   |   Quick Start Guide   |   User Guide


Compatible with Open Mesh’s line of modular enclosures for easy installations indoors and out.
Includes a license for CloudTrax, Open Mesh’s cloud-based network controller. Manage unlimited APs and networks with a few clicks - nothing to install on-site.
Traffic insights
See what's happening on your network with application reporting at the network edge.
User insight
With device fingerprinting, you'll know who is on your network in terms of device operating system, name, bandwidth used and more.
Mesh technology enables access points to work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network.
Custom brandable
From CloudTrax to hardware, brand the Open Mesh solution as your own. Learn more.
Passive PoE
Support for 12-24v passive PoE to power your access points up to 300 feet away over a single Ethernet cable.
Multiple SSIDs
Multiple SSIDs allow you to broadcast up to four unique networks, some as public hotspots and others private.
Your brand
Custom-branded splash pages automatically scale to fit any device, or use Facebook Wi-Fi to let users check-in to your page before using the web for free.
Outage alerts
Automated outage alerts by email if any access point goes down and doesn’t come back up within an hour.
Custom authentication
Authenticate users with WPA2 or WPA-Enterprise security; charge for access, use vouchers and connect to your hotel PMS system.*
Bandwidth management
Set upload and download caps on each user and block individual devices to ensure there is enough bandwidth available for everyone.
Built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network by default.
Mobile apps
Build, manage and monitor your networks with free iOS and Android apps. No PC required.
*PMS integration is a partner service.

Compatible Enclosures:

Customize this access point to fit your physical environment.

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Additional Information

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PJBeee posted on 12 Jun, 2013
I am more than impressed by these devices. Having used older open-mesh products before with excellent results, I purchased a few OM2P devices for 2 clients. The setup was the same as the older products, and they work wonderfully, with power to spare. Having 2 sets of SSIDs is a big plus, as you can limit the connection speed for "guests". Pretty-much set-and-forget. As an IT person with so many things to take care of, it's great to have a product that is so worry-free. And cloudtrax access is included with the devices; how cool is that?
LeMatelot posted on 11 Apr, 2013
Having fitted several WIFI systems for hotels in the Highlands of Scotland this system is the greatest. In fact we will be using ONLY this system in the future. The remote management has saved us hours of call out travel time. If in doubt just buy a couple and test them out You will not be disappointed! (This from a very reserved Brit- what is the world coming too;-) )
oldgeek posted on 25 Mar, 2013
Having worked with VERY expensive, complicated dedicated controller based systems a few years ago, I was skeptical that these open mesh units would work at all. I set 6 of them up in a friends hotel, and had the system deployed and working quickly. The Cloudtrax cloud controller is GENIUS! It replaces a dedicated onsite controller, while still letting you centrally manage the AP's. The documentation provided allowed me to design, and implement the system with no surprises whatsoever, except that coverage using the OM AP's was much better that I thought it would be based on my experience with past systems.
Kevin posted on 06 Mar, 2013
These routers were great. We installed them at our church and saved a couple of thousand dollars over what we would have spent going with a more traditional wireless provider. These devices are flexible, and easy to use. the only warning I will offer is about the signal strength of these devices. The OM2P offers 400mw of power! thats 4 times the power of Open Mesh's other routers. We purchased these more powerful routers due to the "Farady cage" like qualities of our building, and they work great. the problem is that the public park across the street (100 yards away) is getting a 5 bar wifi signal from our church as well. We had to turn the power down in the cloudtrax control panel to prevent our signal bleeding that far outside our facility. In retrospect, buying the cheaper, less powerful OM2P-LC probably would have been a better fit for our location, but even with that said, buying the Open Mesh routers has been a great success for us.
I have tried many different product combinations to achieve good coverage in some of the large residential homes we service. Unfortunately most of the time the performance fell short. Since we started using the OM products we have seen greater reliability, better coverage areas and easler/shorter installation times. Tech tip: just make certain all devices are running the same firmware in a multi-node environment. Otherwise the repeaters will not find the gateway(s). Thanks Open-Mesh!
Scott posted on 02 Oct, 2012
I love having these devices in my customer's locations. I can tell when they are down and as always someone forgets the passphrase so I get a call and tell them what it is. It makes for a great customer relationship. The best part is they are so darn reliable with great network performance.
thegmann posted on 24 Jun, 2012
I've been through over $1500 in routers trying different scenarios and methods to get all of the 8 units at my vacation rental property to have strong signals that actually worked... Open-Mesh and cloudtrax are amazing! I had everything up within an hour, the plug in cases are awesome, everyone is using it, it's very fast. I can't say enough good things about these routers. I was skeptical because they weren't very expensive. I was wrong. Seriously thank you for an amazing and well thought out networking product, these blow everything else out of the water for large installs.
Tom O posted on 12 Jun, 2012
Wow, I was up and running in less than 30 minutes. Amazing! The most difficult task is determining where to place the units. I had to deal with brick walls between many rooms. The documentation provided by Open Mesh on this site was very helpful. I will be working to extend the network to the outdoors this weekend. I would like to see a way to turn off the light on the unit. When I place the unit in a formal room setting, the lights can be a distraction or draws attention to the device which I do not want. Buying the indoor cover would help in this situation.
KP posted on 31 May, 2012
We bought some OM2P's for a client to replace their problematic gear and were so impressed that we are now making this our wireless hardware standard. Have already replaced our internal wireless gear and am in process of converting two more clients with more to come. Great feature set, so easy to setup, the watchdog chip in the units is a trip saver, these devices are hands down what everyone should be rolling to so go ahead, get them and be impressed.
Elixir posted on 18 Feb, 2012
Dude, I just did my first install with your product OM2P. I am blown away at the ease of installation! I put down 9 devices in about two hours and guests in the hotel were using the system within 5 minutes of deploying the first gateway. I normally charge hours if not days of time for this kind of install. That’s a thing of the past now! Amazing reporting, amazingly easy setup, management is amazed. We’re all just trying to keep our mouths from hanging open, seriously amazed.

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